Carriage House Doors


Add the beauty of Carriage House Doors to your home.

You’ve built a beautiful home. Enhance its value with the perfect finishing touch: a custom Carriage House Doors from Lincoln Door Company.

Carriage House Doors installed by Lincoln Door With distinctive period styles, Carriage House Doors installed by Lincoln Door combines old-world design with state-of-the-art technology to replicate beautiful, period-style doors that compliment both new construction and tasteful retrofit. The result? Beautiful Carriage House Doors that provides a dramatic finishing touch for your home. Carriage house doors are made from the finest materials available. Exceptional workmanship, superior woods and professional hardware are standard features, ensuring long-lasting beauty, reliable performance, and low maintenance.

Carriage house doors offer the timeless beauty, authenticity, and quality of a carriage door constructed a century ago, yet functions using the latest modern technology. Carriage house doors will bring an added dimension of beauty and value to your home. The experienced staff at Carriage House has manufactured custom wood doors for over 30 years.

Through our suppliers we provide the finest Carriage House Doors ensuring each design is the perfect fit to enhance the beauty and value of your home.

The experienced staff at Lincoln Door has years of experience in garage door installation. Our garage doors are not only durable and reliable but also aesthetically pleasing.  At Lincoln Door, Inc you will never have to overlook the possibility for extreme beauty when selecting dependable Carriage house doors.